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A powerful and deadly storm moving through Middle Tennessee triggered a tornado that rained down on Knoxville, Tennessee, drawing a swath of destruction that stretched for miles across the city. At least 24 people died in Tennessee when the tornado struck the state in the past 24 hours, the National Weather Service said. Nineteen people were killed in Putnam County, which is about halfway between Nashville and Knoxville and is home to Tennessee Tech University in Cookeville. Five people have been killed and 220 injured in a tornado series in the Tennessee Valley since Tuesday, July 4, 2016.

The graphs above show that Aurora has 51% more tornadoes per year than other American cities. Last year alone, more than 1,000 tornadoes were hit in Aurora, Illinois. The following graphics show that Decatur is the second largest tornado city in the USA - after New York.

The burglary rate at Mt. Juliet is similar to the national average, but lower than the Tennessee average. The number of burglaries per 100,000 residents in Mount Juliet, Illinois, is above the state and national average. Here's a chart from COVID 19 that has affected Chicago and Illinois, and the burglary rate at homes in Mt Juliet. For more information on MtJuliet Police Crime Statistics and Crime Prevention Programs, call 217-782-6212.

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Chicago may be the first city to come to mind when you think of crime in Illinois, but the Windy City is not the most dangerous place in the state. Illinois and the surrounding area are home to several good day trips that are easily accessible from Chicago and Milwaukee.

Naperville, Illinois Naperville is a small town in the western Chicago region, and the median income in this city is approximately $65,790. The picturesque town of DeKalb is Illinois "second most populous city with a population of about 1.5 million and is located on the southern edge of the state, just a few miles from Chicago and Milwaukee. It has a long history of crime, but not as much as Chicago.

In northwestern Newton County, Indiana, Kurt Line said, "We did some irrigation earlier this week when we got an inch or two of rain. There was a wet spring in both western central and eastern Illinois, but the Appalachians are in the eastern part of the state, while the Mississippi forms the western border.

As convection weakens in the north, the SPC has begun monitoring an area further south, which includes parts of southern Illinois, northern Indiana and western Kentucky, for increased thunderstorm development as the northern jet stream strengthens the southeastern risk area. Temperatures will rise by several degrees, as the south wind brings moist, i.e. thick air before the storms.

Severe thunderstorms created destructive straight lines - gusts of wind toppled numerous trees, and the first strip of damage stretched from Nashville to Gordonsville, with radar images suggesting it was from one of the tornadoes. The Nashville tornado in particular brought "intensified" wind gusts of up to 60 miles per hour, according to the SPC. Hundreds of trees were toppled as the tornado crossed Kentucky Lake in Humphreys County.

It would reach the end of EF3 intensity, the SPC said, reaching its peak intensity at Mount July, traveling at speeds of up to 60 miles per hour and causing severe damage in Lebanon and Gordonsville. The tornado was rated EF4, with estimated wind speeds of about 60 km / h and damage of $1,000 to $2,500 per hectare.

The tour begins with the first day of the article, which focuses on Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska and South Dakota. Then it's on to Iowa, Illinois, Iowa City, Indiana, Kansas City and finally Missouri and Nebraska.

Confirmed tornadoes in Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa City, Indiana, Kansas City and Nebraska City. Confirmed tornadoes in Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota and South Carolina. A confirmed tornado at the intersection of Interstate 70 and Interstate 80 in Madison County, Illinois.

A tornado struck the Topgolf industrial estate and caused serious damage after crossing the Cumberland River on Jefferson Street Bridge for the fifth time. The tornado maintained its EF3 intensity and caused damage of EF1 and EF2 intensity.

After it disintegrated near the Morgan County border, the tornado appears to have dissipated, although there is no indication that its trail extends as far as Morgan County. The NWS reported in a tweet that a 5-point area in East Nashville is still being hit by 5 points of the area east of Nashville.

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